Friday, 6 July 2018

Images I enjoy

Many thanks to their authors.

When I introduce these as 'Images I enjoy' I am particularly emphasising the requirement that each needs to be studied to understand what is happening. The enjoyment is a product of the intellectual and perceptual challenges which I believe are also fundamental to my own life-drawing process particularly when I am pursuing my cubism, my morphism, my anagrammatic deconstruction and reconstruction, and my spatial engagement with overlap and transparency. The last drawing by Nicolai Fechin is a reminder of my enjoyment simply of mark-making, but this drawing also recalls the enjoyment of foreshortening and the advancing foot.

Why 'life-drawing'?

Thursday, 5 July 2018

The 5th drawing from June 5th

Following the four poses from this morning's session at Extreme Poses (see previous posting) in which a fairly considered sequence of explorations followed on from each other, and were all completed sitting at my easel, I just felt like standing up to take advantage of looking down on to Paul's right thigh and to respond to his left hand, and I took up the chunky charcoal and searched and searched for the gesture in the pose. Refers back to my kinetic process in which my body moves back and forth and bold expressive mark-making results.

Drawing Paul on June 5th

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Today, from the front.

Whereas last week she was facing away from me.

Changes through the morning of 5 drawings

These are my five drawings from the five 30 minute poses at 'Extreme Poses' in Stroud. We had a half hour coffee break after number three. There are so many variables which can influence the outcome of a particular response, none less so than the pose itself. But in noting any differences or any evolutionary changes as the processes followed each other I have focussed on the mark-making. I intend to return to this posting later and indicate my findings once I have had chance to take a good look at the drawings.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Making connections

It can be considered to be very pretentious to place one of one's own drawings alongside the work of a recognised artist, but when a connection is made between the two a sense of wellbeing, fulfillment and confidence arises. My drawing is a very early one perhaps eight years ago.