Monday, 26 September 2016

7 recent outcomes I feel good about........

because they are each an outcome of an unplanned approach. I now understand that I much more indulge in 'process art' than I do in attempting to produce a previously considered outcome. These days I usually begin to explore through drawing a part of the pose which immediately appeals to me, e.g. the twist of a foot resting on a plinth. Then the process seems to have a life, an energy and hence a direction of its own. I may be presented with a pose and start drawing it and suddenly decide how it would be if I juxtaposed the other side of the pose but viewed from the other side of the studio. There are a number of approaches which I seem to be developing but they are only identifiable when a period of reflection is entered into. So it is possible to place my drawings into categories and I believe I have indicated these various approaches and have attempted to give them descriptive labels in my past postings. But fulfillment comes with surprise. And I am frequently, more often than not, suprised by the drawing which presents itself to me. I will recall for you that the majority of the poses are for 30 minutes. In the 30 minutes I become deeply immersed within the process. Lost to the world. So here are seven recent surprises which each give me great pleasure when studying them, because they each represent one of a range of approaches to life-drawing which have grown from within my own, dare I say 'idiosyncratic' indulgences.

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