Thursday, 8 September 2016

At 'Extreme Poses' on Sept 8th, 2016

Just arrived home after a fulfilling morning with five 30 minute poses by Natalie. This is my first session after my very recent analysis of the 3 day double-model event. So, somewhere within me are my findings from this analysis. But I followed no conscious approach and made no conscious links with my analysis. However, it is most probable that my findings did impact upon and influence what happened to day. So, lets see what happened.
Five quite different responses, and in each I simply was attracted to a particular aspect of the pose, which I then started to explore/place/examine/enquire with a graphite pencil in each hand on A1 sheets of white cartridge paper. Tonal work uses Derwent tinted charcoal, caressed with a tissue or spread and blended with my fingers.
(On the way home I called in to see Jackie, my optician, and to collect new spectacles. So, I hope I am welcoming Jackie to my blog. If so, I do hope you enjoy the visit, and perhaps gain an insight into my two-handed art. With my new visual aids I have gained a deeper insight into my mark-making. Thanks for that!)

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