Thursday, 29 September 2016

Drawing Sally this morning.

Following three enjoyable experiences of drawing Sally I introduced her to Paul Fowler who runs 'extreme poses' in Stroud. My anticipation that she would add an extra dimension of inspiration to an already successful programme of life-drawing was confirmed early on. The harness of straps suspended from the ceiling and a tall plinth privided the stage for Sally to create a series of beautiful poses. So a big temptation to try and capture the overall poetry of each pose with a straightforward composition with no de-construction. But that is not what I do these days. What I have attempted is this: I start by drawing the part of the pose which immediately attracts (for various reasons), this then sets up a process in which additions gradually begin to generate a narrative. By this time the 30 minutes is up. I like what happened today. I felt my drawing process was engaging with something beyond the model, it was being energised by my feelings. My feelings were building upon the privilege of me an artist entering a specific dialogue with another human being, a very special relationship which somehow found expression through my mark-making on paper. I say "somehow" because I can truthfully say the process is deep, it is for the most part sub or un-conscious, and the outcome or product requires a period of post-process observation or analysis to comprehend what has taken place. I do feel that not all models make this process possible.

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