Friday, 11 November 2016

A new path?

November 10th 2016, and I'm back at Paul Fowler's 'extreme poses' with the model Robin, after a break from drawing the nude of five weeks, and the extraordinary set of experiences in Africa. And an expectation within myself that I could expect to witness something different happening. But I had no plans, no intentions, except that I would attempt to free myself from any thoughts about what I might do. My bag contained a wide range of materials any of which I could pick up. I was still 'floating' within the aftermath of Africa.
So here are my five A1 drawings from the five 30 minute poses, and here are one or two immediate observations:
(I)  no use of my tinted charcoal pallette which I commented on in my last posting. I had no desire to use this medium as I entered the process of responding to Robin in the first pose. As the morning progressed I felt a satisfying excitement that I was engaging with something simple and straightforward, I.e. the mark of the pencil expressing my experience.
(ii) I did make a connection with my Africa drawings (yet to be posted on this blog) in that I felt a desire to be selective in the parts of the pose I put on the paper. I describe this as being able to have an 'awareness of the essence of my experience'. I ask if this is the same as 'the essence of the pose'?  But, probably not, as we all see and experience differently.
(iii) Paul Fowler commented at the end of the morning that I had left behind much of the complexities of my process. I like this, and it provides much food for thought.

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