Monday, 23 January 2017

January 2017: 'something different'

Something different, but what? I do not yet know!

But what I do know is that they do not easily fit into any of the categories I have defined in the following series of postings under the heading of 'January 2017:...............' 

All four are 'anagramatic' but they are far more 'abstract' than most of my previous work. By this, I mean that it is not possible to visualise or reconstruct (in one's own mind) the pose which I deconstructed in my mind and then transferred to paper. In fact, it is the case that I find it difficult to recall the form of these poses. What pleases me is that they illustrate my ability to continue my evolutionary path. I know this to be the case, as so many of my life-drawing colleagues regularly comment on this 'quality' of change in my work.

These are my most recent drawings. I believe they come from deep inside me, and to such an extent that I do not yet recognise what they are saying about me.

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