Sunday, 22 January 2017

January 2017: 'weight of line'

I hold a pencil in each hand and start to draw with them both at the same time. One (the left one) can start making a mark in the bottom left of the paper and the other (the right one) will start at the top right hand of the paper, for example. These are hard leads, I.e. 2H, H or HB. Once the basics of the forms I want to include are outlined with lightweight lines, I pick up two other pencils, maybe 3B or 4B, to emphasise certain parts of the drawing. Then with an 7B or 8B in my right (my usual) hand I focus on certain aspects with the heavy and weighty marks. I did use a soft pencil in each hand for this third layer of mark-making for quite sometime. But after a time I realised I wanted to achieve an even greater range in weight of line, which I could only do by increasing the pressure. So, holding the board on the easel steady with my left hand to resist the pressure I apply to the paper with my 8B pencil I can produce a bold, heavy mark.

I use woodless Graphite Pencils.

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