Monday, 23 January 2017

January 2017: 'tone or line'

I have talked before about the issue of how to respond to tonal variation in a line drawing. My answer has been to indicate the meet of two contrasting tonal areas with a heavyweight line. But every so often the urge arises to explore tonal variation in a more usual way. I regularly use Derwent tinted charcoal which has amazing properties, which I have described in a past posting. But here I am using my graphite pencils. I seem to love hands and feet, and frequently study the hand drawings of Leonardo, Durer and Oldrich Kulhanek, amongst others. This drawing was a sort of rest relief from responding to a series of 30 minute poses at Extreme Poses, and I just focused on the model' s clasped hands hanging down from her body high up in the ropes.

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  1. Dear Bob, as ever you are producing a most interesting and enlivening series of drawings and saying useful things about them. I feel your thoughts on going further into a structural quality of the work could be a way through. I also think that you could go further into assessing the light source which would, of necessity, solidify the structure. This might cause some conflict with the essential linearity of your approach. All best wishes Tony