Sunday, 5 February 2017

A reflective moment

My latest postings (January 2017) have revealed an attempt to stand back and describe what is currently taking place in my life-drawing process. Yet I feel somewhat uneasy with myself when doing this. Why am I not content with the straightforward act of standing in front of a model and drawing what I am seeing? Why do I complicate my life by analysing, describing and questioning? Why do I spend time researching the work of artists to seek parallels?
How long does it take for an 'artist' to not be concerned about how the drawing will finish, to not have a 'picture' in their mind of the end product? But to just draw, and to stop drawing at a particular moment, and to say - "Here it is!"   Then, the drawing is simply the outcome of the moment of looking and drawing. It's all about 'confidence' to draw, whatever the subject, where ever the location, however one feels, whatever the outcome.
I'm now going to post my drawings from the past ten days from about January 23rd thro to February 2nd. Three different venues. But like my recent postings I have grouped the drawings. The difficulty I am finding is to come up with a singular 'heading' which is succinct for a particular set of drawings. For me, each drawing takes on a number of issues and develops them in different ways and to varying depths. So , what are these issues? Here are some of the terms which I have recently used in describing my work. What I am saying is that whereas a particular drawing may have a principal engagement with one of these issues then it will also be addressing a number of other issues.
Abstract figurative
Journey through the composition
Process art
A drawing is a record of the making of the drawing
Contrasting mark making - weight of line.

I will use a standard heading for these latest drawings: 'process 1, 2, 3.....etc.'

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