Wednesday, 15 March 2017

More life-drawing gymnastics

Following her four quick poses (see previous posting) our model for the morning took up a classical seated pose. She was facing me with her lower right arm resting on her right thigh. She presented a relaxed and comfortable form.
But I don't do conventional representative responses. I started with the right arm on the right thigh (portrait format). I then turned my paper through 180 degrees and added a breast and the other arm. I then explored the drawing thro' a 90 degree turn (landscape format). Then a further 180 degree turn. I asked myself what was beginning to emerge? I went back to the first orientation and carried out further mark-making to emphasis points of tonal contrast and anotomical junctions. Then again thro' 180 degrees and following the same process. The paper then went thro' a number of additional revolutions with marks being added, before our time was up and lunch beckoned. Conclusion: not at all sure, yet.

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