Tuesday, 18 April 2017

After a two week absence, what do you expect, a revolution?

A radical innovatory move, perhaps too much to expect. But I did go to life-drawing today with a feeling for something different. In fact there was. A new model, Sarah. We did meet, briefly, some months ago when she called in to a life-drawing day at Arts Alive to enquire with Tony Tribe about life-modelling. So here today, at Angela Palmer's class in Brockweir, a new model. Yet, immediately, I felt a connection. There was no sense that it was going to take time to become aware of the personality of the model, no feeling that it was going to take a few sessions to relate to her qualities. It was as though I had drawn Sarah before.
So what is the outcome? On the face of it, not much different to past weeks. There is the usual four 5 minute quickies, juxtaposed on a single A1 sheet of cartridge paper, using graphite pencils, and with most marks drawn with both hands simultaneously. Then two selected studies from slightly different positions, placing an emphasis on line contrast. For the fourth drawing, lasting probably about one hour, I deliberately morphed together half the pose from one side with half the pose from a location on the opposite side of the model. In making this drawing I moved my easel back and forth across the studio about three times. I am intrigued by this morphing process, as the synthesis of the two halves together with the awareness of the potential for transforming the two bodies into a new and challenging being takes time to emerge. I enjoy and find stimulation from this period of uncertainty, and awaite the outcome with relish.

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