Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Mannequins take the place of our life models for the day.

This is at Prema Arts in Uley in Gloucestershire where Paul Fowler set up a workshop for us to respond to four mannequins which have inspired him to produce  a series of oustanding paintings. They were originally in the studio of George Weissbort and following his death were passed on to Paul. A visitor to a renaissance studio or the studio of Courbet, Degas or Gainsborough, might havewitnessed a lay figure, i.e. a mannequin, in use to help rehearse composition, the fall of light and the painting of the drapery and clothing when the sitter was absent. Paul is currently researching the origin of these four mannequins, which are French and likely to be early 19thC or older.
Paul left us free to respond how we liked and joined in during the day the path we were taking. I began by attempting to explore some of the approaches I have been following over recent weeks. To start with the mannequins were located, in standing poses, individually around the large studio space, then at lunch time were grouped as in the photogragh with heads added.
I have been challenged to reflect on my art in a different way. Attention to anatomical detail was not there which released me to respond to other aspects. I have explored some of the differences in my hand written note book.

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