Saturday, 17 June 2017

Drawing Andrea (to be viewed with the previous posting)

Just realised I posted my drawings of Andrea from June 13th not having posted those from the previous Tuesday, June 6th. So here they are. Starting with four 5 minute poses on the one drawing.

Then a focus on the bottom and legs. I was immediately attracted by this part of the pose but as I entered the process it became clear to me that the overall pose had great attraction also, so I brought the two together.

After coffee for the remaing 45 minutes, from the same position, I superimposed a drawing of the head and shoulders upon a drawing of the middle part of the pose upon a drawing of the lower legs and feet. These were in lightly drawn outline to start with, then I introduced tone to points of light/dark contrast, and then worked the drawing up with some heavier lines until the final 'new'  form emerged and had some clarity.

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