Saturday, 17 June 2017

Drawing Paul at 'extreme poses'

The first drawing follows on from my excitement of last week at 'extreme poses' when drawing Shelley that I was witnessing, or maybe just detecting, the emergence of a new move in my art. Line and colour are similar. BUT the big difference is that today I have introduced a challenging new dimension. I have placed a darker tone to the areas of highlight. I suppose I am drawing a negative. This was amazingly challenging and quite confusing, but I feel that this challenged me to look more deeply and as a consequence was seeing things beyond my usual depth of perception. I aim to pursue this approach to discover whether it can add to my perception and my understanding of what I'm looking at, and to see what change may take place in my drawings. This 'negative' approach was followed in the first two drawings. The third drawing reverts to my usual quick response to an exciting anatomical dynamic in which light and tone are dealt with in a conventional way. In other words I just did this response without any 'conscious' thinking.

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