Monday, 26 June 2017

June 20th 2017

Started with two legs and an arm of John during three 10 minute poses. Then Sarah turned up so we had a double model session which will be repeated next Tuesday (will think about how I can take real advantage of the two bodies next time).
However today I saw the space between them as the attaction, also a contrast in their body characters (John long, lean and sinuous, Sarah more fuller and rounded), so firstly a graphite pencil drawing to explore these issues.
Then a tonal response but one in which the tone was applied to the highlight areas (a sort of 'negative' response, which I have recently followed for the first time, see last two postings), and the for the last 20 minutes or so I used an A2 sheet of clear gessoed cartridge paper which has been waiting to be used up in my folio for about two years. I reminded myself of the joy, and ease, of making charcoal marks and then pushing them around with a piece of tissue or my finger, which I used to do a lot of.

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