Thursday, 17 August 2017

the muse and the mannequin: nos 5 - 'spot the mannequin'

I will admit that I found the models far more attractive and challenging to engage with than the mannequins. However, you will see that in posting nos 7 in this series I did attempt a serious 'synthesis of muse with mannequin'. You may recall in April 2017 I posted the results of a day of drawing mannequins set up by Paul Fowler at Prema Arts. I believe the main outcomes from that exercise was that in future in my drawing of the human model I should aim to be more gestural, engage more with anatomical detail and idiosyncrasy, perhaps exaggerate by bringing forward and/or receding part(s) of the pose, realise the space within and the space beyond the pose, and simply to celebrate the human form and be inspired by the nude muse.
So in these drawings you may be able to differentiate between muse and mannequin.

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