Saturday, 23 September 2017

A Weird Fling

It is the autumn equinox at extreme poses.
My anagram approach is dominant.
"the female like an endless sentence that invites us to rearrange it, so that its real meaning becomes clear through a series of endless anagrams"  Hans Bellmer.
Bellmer's drawings have influenced me, to such an extent that the weird fling of a few years ago has now become a mainstream. That fling was an experimental departure away from seeing the pose as a simple form to be recreated on paper. I started to deconstruct the body before me and then reconstruct it through a process which became personal and idiosyncratic.
'A Weird Thing' is an anagram of 'Life Drawing'.
These are 3 of my drawings from Thursday September 21st at Paul Fowler's 'extreme poses' life-drawing in Stroud. They are 2 handed graphite drawings on A1 220gsm cartridge paper. Each pose was for 30 minutes, and our model is Shelley.

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