Friday, 17 November 2017

A longer time on a drawing than usual: Andrea on November 14th 2017

I have previously used tinted charcoal with graphite pencils and discovered that the tinted charcoal presents a transparency which allows the preceding graphite marks to still be clearly seen. In addition, the surface of the tinted charcoal allows a further use of the graphite pencil mark-making to take place. Here I decided to use the tinted charcoal after having explored the forms, shapes and lines of Andrea's body with fine-liner pens. One in each hand to start with (0.1), then emphasising with a 0.8. The weight and strength of the tinted charcoal was diluted by heavily caressing the surface of the paper with a tissue. Additional 0.1, followed by some 1.2 fine-liner mark-making then took place.

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