Saturday, 9 December 2017

A brief interval before my next leap

The leap I refer to is what I detect in the intensity in the three drawings I am about to place on my next posting. The drawings below are representative of my currant work in general. But the three to come I feel announce an additional dimension to my process. I will attempt a brief outline of what this is in the accompanying notes.

Next, we have, believe it or not, a fairly conventional response, perhaps touching upon Degas. Every so often I somehow revert to my charcoal or pastel or conte phases of my life-drawing journey. But this does not have anything to do with the has to do with me feeling that there is some special quality in the wholeness of the pose that has to be responded to (i.e. I am compelled to bypass any engagement with 'deconstructionism). 
I applaud Tony Tribe's suggestion that I engage with the context/background, an aspect of my approach which in recent years I choose deliberately to ignore.

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